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Greenland Glacier Changes

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Explore three of the largest glaciers in Greenland: Helheim, Jakobshavn, and Kangerlussuaq. You’ll notice that these glaciers exhibit a pattern of advance in some years, while in others, they retreat. However, a long-term perspective reveals a predominant state of retreat across all three glaciers. Notably, by 2019, Helheim was approximately 10km behind its position in 1985.

Delve into the impacts of climate change on these majestic ice formations and see how their termini (the ends of the glaciers) have been changing

Why it works

This map condenses a stack of temporal data into a dynamic animation through time with the use of time sliders. The slider provides the ability to control the temporal data and its focus, whether it be looking at the year-by-year changes through the Yearly view or looking at the larger picture of long-term changes by switching to the Grouped view.

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