About the map

The COVID-19 pandemic created a widespread impact felt in all corners of the globe, reshaping our routines and constantly providing new challenges to overcome. One of pivotal steps to recovery came through social distancing and ensuring the villages, towns and cities had appropriate space to keep a distance apart. The creation of this pavement widths map provided a resource to local authorities and town planners to guarantee enough space on pavements across England, Scotland and Wales. The striking visual colours immediately indicate areas of narrow and wide pavements, displayed against a dark basemap to really emphasise its cartography.

Why it works

This map was released as a free dataset that was downloaded by over 100 local authorities in the effort to restructure town centres and improve pavement widths. The reason this map works is due to its simple and effective style in providing information, which is having an impact on the infrastructure of urban areas across the country. GIS is at it’s most powerful when it allows real-world decisions to be made based on reliable and informative maps.


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Sam Bark, Cartographer

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