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The Urban Magnet Effect

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About the map

With the release of the 2021 census data to the public domain and to The Living Atlas, we take a first look at the latest population data for England.

With the census data being such an important part of understanding the building blocks of our society, there is no better way to celebrate its release than explore some modern trends. Dive into regional age analysis and discover the trends in your area.


Why it works

Cartography and layout were both critical factors to this map’s design. One big decision was to split the layout into regional boundaries to drill into the hotspots of each region.

We decided to use primary and secondary colours to really define the data’s categorical groups. Dot transparency was also an important cartographic tool, allowing viewers to not only see the dominating age group but also allow for a gentle glimpse at other age groups that start to come through.

Important Steps




Tips and tricks

Ebony Webster, Graduate

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