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Which Munro should I climb next?

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About the map

Munro bagging,’ or climbing the mountains above 3000 feet in Scotland, is a popular recreational activity and climbing all 282 of them is the ultimate challenge. Munros are chosen to climb on several factors, and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to selecting one. We tried to create a tool to help you decide which Munro you might want to climb next, and this fun, interactive map was the result of that experimentation.

The map shows two relationships between elevation and popularity, and distance to roads and built-up areas. Using bivariate colour symbology for visual efficiency, Munros can be filtered based on the considerations you value the most.

The map is not a navigation tool, and keep in mind the safety considerations required when climbing a Munro - make sure your ambition matches your abilities. 

Why it works

The number of public social media posts act as a general indicator of a Munro’s popularity, distance to roads and built-up areas are an indication of how remote they are, and elevation is a basic indication of their difficulty (although keep in mind the distance you have to climb is the ascent from the surrounding land).

Stacking the bivariate colour schemes allows you to show all your attributes on the same map, while ranking the data normalises these values for effective comparison and filtering. A fully interactive experience means the reader can tailor the map to their preferences and find the Munros that best suit their needs.

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