About the map

A topic that continues to spark media attention is that of women engaging in politics. Equal representation of men and women in national parliaments is yet to evolve from being the exception to being the norm around the world. Esri UK has produced the ‘Women in Government’ map which shows the percentage of women holding seats in parliament in every country and highlights the countries that have women serving as elected heads of state and government. This map strikes up the balance of progress made as per October 2020.

Why it works

The map utilises the well-known choropleth visualisation technique. Countries are classified based on the percentage of seats held by women in their parliaments and this is conveyed through their colour on the map. Each shade of purple proportionate to a percentage bracket. The less-is-more aesthetic of the map, in part accreditable to the minimalist custom basemap, makes is easy for any audience to interpret. Whilst at glance the map is simple, it’s configured pop-ups and interactive legend add depth to the informative power of this map!


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Celine Goslinga

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