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Why we love it

We love this map because it takes a cartogram and adds the third dimension for an eye-catching, immersive effect. This 3D hexagonal cartogram imagines a new way to visualise and record election results. It captures the results in a stratigraphy reminiscent of Giant’s Causeway, a geological marvel of interlocking basalt columns in Northern Ireland. The colours of different political parties create a layered landscape. The map legend allows us to strip away layers and explore the results.    

Why it works

Rising upward, the hexagons become columns representing voter turnout, organised into four layers with the winners on top and colours defining political affiliation. A further layer of capstones shows the results as nested, proportional symbols so that, from above, the map can be viewed as a 2D summary. Progressive disclosure of labels reduces clutter and legends. Be sure to switch layers on and off and use the bookmarks to explore specific views.

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