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Features & Benefits
High-resolution backdrop map data includes:

  • a comprehensive range of features such as Roads, railways, vegetation, boundaries, urban Extent, buildings. 
  • Rich topographic data content, uncluttered and clean mapping 

As one of a range of backdrop base map services developed by Esri UK, OS MasterMap® BaseMap is derived from enhanced vector versions of OS OpenData products Strategi, VectorMap® District and MasterMap®.

The OS MasterMap® Topography Layer in this service provides a highly detailed view of Great Britain's landscape including individual buildings, roads and areas of land. In total, it contains in excess of 400 million individual features.

You can use this product for example, to assess risk (financial or environmental) or to aid in the management of items that relate to geographical features such as pipelines.

Central Government, Defence, Education, Insurance, Local Government, Public Safety, Utilities, Private sector

Background mapping

Data Type

ArcGIS Online Tile Layer

Great Britain

Data Scale
1:75,000 and smaller scales - Strategi
1:50,000 - Strategi + VectorMap District
1:25,000 - VectorMap District
1:10,000 - VectorMap District
1:5,000 - VectorMap District
1:2,500 - OS MasterMap
1:1,250 - OS MasterMap
1:500 – OS MasterMap
1:250 – OS MasterMap (Resampled)

Update Frequency

Coordinate Reference System
British National Grid (OSGB36)