Alice Jones-Evans

Consultant Profile

Alice is a catalyst for outstanding outcomes. She has a knack of uncovering the fundamental business drivers and finding the best solution, even when presented with a seemingly intractable problem. “When Alice has something to say, I always listen, because I know it will be important”, explained one customer. With an engaging style and relentless confidence in her team, Alice inspires people to do great things. “What is the art of the possible?”, Alice questions, as she envisions a better way. 

Alice discovered geography walking the fells of the Lake District as a small child. Combining this passion with a growing interest in computers led to a Masters in GIS. This turned out to be the magic formula for Alice, who went on to use Esri technology in a variety of organisations and roles. Having gained experience in a broad range of applications across both the public sector and consulting, she joined Esri UK in 2008.

Going forward, Alice intends to increase her emphasis on coaching and mentoring others. Her goals are twofold. First, to help organisations really understand the impact of project management methodologies on project outcomes, so that they can choose the right approach to maximise business benefit. Second, to help other project managers follow in her footsteps and deliver successful projects on time and within budget.

  • Introduced Agile project management techniques into a major transport organisation, improving collaboration, risk management and ensuring benefits were realised.
  • Managed a 4-year research and development programme into future use of Esri technology, enabling freedom of innovation within a controlled budget.
  • Managed a project to develop and deliver a managed service for sharing of open data based on EU INSPIRE standards.
  • Simultaneous management of many interlinked workstreams.
  • Bringing people together to create a single aligned team.
  • Introducing new thinking by questioning received wisdom.
Professional Style:
  • Gives people the space to succeed.
  • Makes full use of off-the-shelf tools before building anything new.
  • Focused listening to ensure in-depth understanding of requirements.
  • BSc Geography, University of Edinburgh
  • MSc GIS, University of Edinburgh
  • Agile Scrum Master
  • Prince 2 Practitioner
  • APMP