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David Culpin

Consultant Profile

David is a highly experienced technology advisor to UK commercial organisations, architecting solutions to complex business challenges. He works at the intersection of business needs and technology capabilities, with constant eye on the costs of delivery.

The wide range of commercial sectors where David has applied GIS include: insurance, retail, oil and gas, housing, facilities management, architecture, engineering and construction. In working with a new customer, he draws from this broad experience to identify alternative ways of doing things that bring benefits driven by geospatial technology.

One of David’s major contributions to any project is clarity. He is skilled at working with a customer to refine an uncertain or incomplete set of requirements into a clear solution with a defined implementation plan. After one particularly challenging upgrade project, the customer pointed out, “David’s contribution has been invaluable and we now believe the programme has a viable migration approach to the desired end state”.

David has always been fascinated by maps and when the opportunity to join Esri UK came along he jumped the chance. “With Esri I have discovered a whole new world in GIS that has allowed me to apply my IT skills to a wide range of industries.” “What makes it all worthwhile is simple”, he explains, “Seeing happy customers solving real problems with our software”.

  • Improved the accuracy of pricing for a global insurance business by increasing locational precision and identification of previously hidden risk accumulations.
  • Strategic development of an enterprise-wide platform for an international oil company – delivering easy-to-use geospatial services to a wide range of organisational functions.
  • Created a global data sharing strategy and architecture for a business information provider, connecting previously separate information silos that had been created by acquisition.
  • Ability to identify new applications of GIS that increase revenues and reduce costs.
  • Analysis of complex business situations and environments.
  • Design of sophisticated GIS IT architectures.
Professional Style:
  • Direct – gives a clear assessment of a situation as he sees it.
  • Inclusive - seeks a wide range of opinion and listens to all perspectives.
  • Focused on the facts.
  • BSc(Hons) Electronic Engineering, University of Southampton
  • TOGAF 9