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Dhowal’s passion for the subject comes over in all his conversations, “I love solving real-world problems with geospatial tools and technology”, he exudes. However, he is careful to point out that clients’ satisfaction comes before his own. He sees his role as to open up a world of possibilities, helping customers choose the way forward that suits them best, knowing all too well that a solution foisted on a reluctant customer will never get used. As a GIS Consultant Dhowal is an all-rounder, “He is a like a Swiss Army knife - able to take on any challenge, whether it is consulting, training, system implementation or data management”, said one client.

Dhowal’s love of the outdoors prompted him to study geology and as a result, GIS. The light bulb moment came at University when he was asked to map bank ATMs in Goa, India. He quickly discovered clusters of ATMs in some areas, more than needed to meet demand, whilst other areas had no ATM for miles. Based on that simple insight, the local tourism board improved customer service by advising banks to redistribute machines to new locations.

Dhowal strongly believes that GIS can be used to help solve the major challenges the world faces in the 21st century. He plans to constantly improve his understanding of those challenges and make a significant contribution to building the solutions.

  • Captured user requirements and built operational environments for a field data collection system using mobile devices. High availability solution supporting large scale surveys. Reduced the time taken to produce survey work packs from days to hours.
  • Helped a telecom operator increase the speed of service provision, creating 3D models for wireless network planning based on line of sight analysis using ArcGIS Pro.
  • Identified pain points, captured requirements and built workflows for a tool to calculate environmental risk resulting from ground and surface water abstraction.
  • Delivery of ArcGIS Desktop and Enterprise solutions that are simple to use, yet robust.
  • Application of GIS in solving business problems across a wide range of organisations and environments.
  • Uses his deep understanding of geospatial information lifecycles to create information flows aligned to operational need.
Professional Style:
  • Flexible - rapidly adapts to changing priorities.
  • High energy - constantly driving progress.
  • Sharing - mentors and helps colleagues.
  • MSc GIS with Remote Sensing, University of Greenwich
  • BSc Geology, Goa University