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Smart Communities & Smart Cities

Through a geospatial strategy

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People and places thrive when location is at the forefront

Smart cities and smart communities are those that make the lives of their citizens better. Esri is the leader in spatial thinking and pioneers the technology that helps governments of all sizes build smart communities. These communities understand that smart is a journey, not a destination. With GIS technology, they can meet current challenges; rethink "business as usual" mindsets; and reimagine a community based on technological advances that support infrastructure needs, humans in crisis, climate change, and whatever else the future may bring. 

Esri's Smart Community Information System

Esri's smart community information system establishes four technology tenets governments need to deliver smart communities and smart cities.

These four tenets are interdependent and made up of complimentary networks of data, solutions, implementations, training, and partners. Founded in location, fueled by data, and designed to improve decision-making, this system works to improve the world we live in. Esri recognises that with the right people, processes, and technology, any community can become smarter.