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Data-Driven Performance

Smart communities achieve data-driven performance

Smart communities and smart cities push aside politics and preconceptions in favor of using data and analytics to make decisions. High-performing organisations use location as the standard analytical approach to achieve new insight. Increasingly, smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing are feeding data on the locations of people, nature, vehicles, and infrastructure. When governments geo-enable data and enterprise systems, they can bring about business intelligence, establish more efficient workflows, improve communication, and tackle an issue in its entirety as opposed to its individual parts. Esri's GIS-based smart community information system helps communities drive down costs, reduce time to action, and support decision-making and policy decisions that improve the overall quality of life, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

Leverage a system for real-time data and analytics

Smart communities and smart cities can achieve data-driven performance when they embrace GIS technology that

  • Analyses data quickly to change the pace of government services.
  • Migrates from static to real-time decision-making.
  • Improves urban mobility through intelligent infrastructure.
  • Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to better understand patterns and reduce impacts.
  • Integrates autonomous vehicle information, sensors, and devices in the urban landscape.
  • Provides operations dashboards to improve responsiveness.

Data-driven performance in action

Explore success stories and best practices across the globe

  • costain-infrastructure-aerial-view
    Case Study


    Delivering cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure projects

    Costain uses ArcGIS as a strategic enterprise tool to help it deliver cost-effective and sustainable infrastructure projects. By making ArcGIS solutions available to all employees from engineers and environmentalists to asset inspectors and project managers, the organisation is making multi-million pound cost savings, accelerating processes and delivering pioneering biodiversity schemes.

  • nhs-person-wearing-gloves-holding-a-needle-and-bottle
    Case Study

    NHS South, Central and West

    Planning an efficient nationwide vaccination

    When the NHS faced the enormous challenge of vaccinating the entire UK population within an ambitious timescale, geospatial analysis brought clarity to the planning process. NHS South, Central and West (SCW) used ArcGIS to help it locate vaccination sites, allocate the supply of vaccines, avoid vaccine wastage and monitor vaccination up-take.


ArcGIS advances smart communities

Making data-driven decisions that improve quality of life is the goal of every smart community. ArcGIS capabilities and products make this possible.


Gain greater insights by visualising and analysing your community’s data. Collaborate and share via maps, apps, dashboards and reports.

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