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Operational Efficiency

Smart communities improve operational efficiency.

Smart communities and smart cities are those that deliver unparalleled service to their constituents. Balancing your resources and applying them to the best locations that benefit the most people help improve citizen satisfaction. Esri's GIS-based smart community information system collects information in real time and feeds it back into performance dashboards for real impact. More efficient workflows come from collecting information at the source, dispatching staff to where they are most needed, and maximising materials and resources to improve response times while reducing costs. 

Leverage a system for good government services

Smart communities and smart cities can improve operational efficiency when they embrace GIS technology that

  • Streamlines workflows and business processes.
  • Improves field data collection and mobility.
  • Analyses data quickly to change the pace of government operations.
  • Uses operational dashboards to improve responsiveness.
  • Uses data and analytics to improve decision-making and service delivery.
  • Provides meaningful information products to the public.

Operational efficiency in action

Explore success stories and best practices across the globe

  • lincolnshire flood
    Case Study

    Lincolnshire Resilience Forum

    Protecting communities in catastrophic incide

    More than 30 category one and two responding organisations that make up the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum can now collaborate and share information far more effectively using a suite of solutions built with Esri’s ArcGIS system. With common operational dashboards, mobile data capture tools and versatile new web apps, they can make fast, appropriate and coordinated decisions to improve public safety.

  • sprinters in blocks
    Case study

    Transport for West Midlands

    Bringing the Commonwealth Games to Birmingham

    During planning for one of the largest sporting events ever staged in the UK, Transport for West Midlands used ArcGIS Hub to work collaboratively with partners. New operational information became available on an almost daily basis, and ArcGIS Hub gave over 50 partners instant access to the most up-to-date versions of 62 data sets, on demand, ensuring all decisions were made based on a single version of the truth.


ArcGIS advances smart communities

Making data-driven decisions that improve quality of life is the goal of every smart community. ArcGIS capabilities and products make this possible.


Gain greater insights by visualising and analysing your community’s data. Collaborate and share via maps, apps, dashboards and reports.

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