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Planning and Engineering

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Smart communities and smart cities build great things

We are faced with new opportunities to shape our communities. Today, planning and engineering disciplines must balance the needs of people, infrastructure, and the environment. Esri's GIS-based smart community information system allows governments to model the impacts of proposed development, adjust to shifting demographics and lifestyles, and account for changes in climate change and economic shifts. Smart prompts a community to learn and adapt through real-time data and deliver intelligent design of infrastructure, ultimately supporting urban mobility, resiliency, and sustainability.

Leverage a system for urban and community design

Smart communities and smart cities can achieve balance when they embrace GIS technology that

  • Facilitates human-centered design.
  • Supports holistic 3D planning for real-world context.
  • Provides models, benchmarks, and analysis to support the establishment of resilient and sustainable communities.
  • Uses infrastructure as a sensor for constant feedback and improvement.
  • Improves urban mobility through multimodal navigation for all citizens.
  • Minimises the impact of shocks and stresses and accelerates a community's response.

Planning and engineering in action

Explore success stories and best practices across the globe

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    case study

    Skanska UK

    Location-enabled Digital Twins to accelerate

    Skanska UK, one of the UK’s leading contractors, is driving digital transformation of the Construction sector by leveraging its construction expertise alongside advancements in digital technologies. Integrating the power of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) with key information management processes such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital technology, Skanska UK is deploying Esri’s ArcGIS technology and BIM outputs to develop a smart, collaborative, agnostic, geospatial twin which, in return, is transforming project delivery and delivering economic, social and environmental value.


ArcGIS advances smart communities

Making data-driven decisions that improve quality of life is the goal of every smart community. ArcGIS capabilities and products make this possible.


Gain greater insights by visualising and analysing your community’s data. Collaborate and share via maps, apps, dashboards and reports.

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