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Upgrades for Existing CrimeAnalyst Customers

Already have a CrimeAnalyst licence? Download the latest version and service packs below. Note: If you are not an existing CrimeAnalyst licence holder you will not be able to use this software.

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How do I get the latest version of CrimeAnalyst?

The latest versions of CrimeAnalyst may be downloaded from here.

What versions are supported?

The product lifecycle for CrimeAnalyst may be viewed here.

How do I install and license CrimeAnalyst?

Detailed information on how to install CrimeAnalyst may be found in the CrimeAnalyst Installation Guide, downloaded with the installation media.

For further details of how to deploy CrimeAnalyst silently, please see the Esri UK Technical Support blog article.

How do I upgrade CrimeAnalyst to a new version?

For all versions of the software, the user will be required to first manually uninstall the old version of the software via the Control Panel utility, before proceeding with the installation of the new version of CrimeAnalyst (ensuring compatibility with the version of ArcGIS for Desktop installed).

If you are upgrading both CrimeAnalyst and ArcGIS for Desktop, please be aware that this needs to be done in a specific order:

  • Uninstall CrimeAnalyst
  • Uninstall ArcGIS for Desktop
  • Install the new version of ArcGIS for Desktop
  • Install the new version ofCrimeAnalyst.

Please see the CrimeAnalyst Installation Guide for further information.

After I upgrade CrimeAnalyst, do I need a new licence?

No, licence files for CrimeAnalyst are not version specific. As long as the current licence file remains valid, there is no need to obtain a new one.

How can I get help with CrimeAnalyst?

All the menus within CrimeAnalyst have context sensitive help which is accessed by selecting the Help button.

Which versions of ArcGIS for Desktop does Crime Analyst support?

The latest version of CrimeAnalyst is v2.6. To see other supported versions and the compatible ArcGIS Desktop version required see the product lifecycle which can be found here.

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