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This page contains release notes relating to updates of our Open Data vector tile basemap services.

From time to time changes will be made to the service to include new datasets or enhance existing ones.
Where you have created your own copies of the basemap styles there could be knock on effects to your style or you may need to modify them in order to pull in the latest changes.

On these pages we will provide information on how you can make those changes.

February 2020

Esri UK GB Open Vector Tile Base maps – Issues with missing labels on some layers

Due to underlying changes in the structure of the JSON used to symbolise the vector tile base maps in the latest update, some label classes no longer display on bespoke versions of the base maps; This issue affects Primary roads, A roads and standard contour lines.

Map 1: Main roads are labelled as expected

Map 2: A road labels are missing

Process to fix the missing label issue

  1. In ArcGIS Online, go to the description page of the tile layer which is missing labels.
  2. Select the ‘Download style’ button on RHS to download the JSON style file (highlighted below).

  3. Open the ‘root.json’ file downloaded in step 2 in a code editor or text editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code, Notepad ++).
  4. Search for instances of the text string ‘_name1’ and replace with ‘_name’. There are three instances of this in the root.json. Note: Be careful when editing the JSON not to alter the structure of the file. 
  5. Additionally search for instances of the text string ‘_label_class1’ and replace with ‘_label_class’. There are three instances of this in the root.json file (see code snippet below).
  6. Follow the same process in step 4 & 5 for instances of ‘_name2’ and ‘_label_class2’, replacing these values with ‘_name’ and ‘_label_class’ respectively to remove the numeric value from the name. There are two instances of this in the root.json file.
  7. Save the root.json file.
  8. In the tile layer description page of ArcGIS Online (same location as step 1), select the Update button (highlighted below). This opens the ‘Update Style File’ dialog box.
  9. Select the edited root.json file and press ‘Update Style File’.
  10. Open the tile layer and confirm that the A roads and contours are now being labelled.


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