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Get Started with My Nearest

Once you get the app, your administrator just needs to share it to a group in your ArcGIS Online account. Once it is shared, you and members of your group can begin to use MyNearest.

Publish Services

  1. Publish your data as a hosted feature service using ArcGIS Online or as a feature service using ArcGIS for Server.
  2. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online organisation.
  3. If required, browse to your data services and edit the item details to match your organisations metadata standards. 

Create Map

To begin to use MyNearest you will need a webmap that contains the features you want your audience to be able to find.

Log in to your ArcGIS Online organisation and create a map that can be used by the public to query what is near to their address:

  • Choose a basemap.
  • Add layers you want users to be able to query
  • Configure the service area layer pop-up properties.
  • Save the map.

Publish Application

Once your webmap is ready, you can use the MyNearest Builder to easily create an application to search for features around a location.

To begin, open the MyNearest builder in one of two ways:

  • Log into your ArcGIS online account and from the group page where the MyNearest builder is shared, click the Open arrow under the builder thumbnail and confirm your ArcGIS Online Credentials.

Alternatively go to the ArcGIS Marketplace and sign in with an ArcGIS Online organisational or developer account. From the MyNearest page, click the View Item (If you are not signed in it will prompt you to buy or trial the app).

Click the Open arrow under the builder thumbnail, select View Application and confirm your ArcGIS Online Credentials.

Once you are logged into the builder you be presented with all of your organisation's MyNearest instances. To create a new instance select Create new Instance. From there you can begin to customise the look and feel of your application by working through the wizard.

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