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Get Started with UK Content

This app allows you to add the free services directly into your ArcGIS Online organisation. It will create groups containing the services; a UK Basemaps group for the basemaps and a UK Locators group for the locators. If you choose to use the app to configure the premium services it will also add an Esri UK Online Maps group. Follow the instructions below to add the content to your platform. 

Get the App

  1. To access the UK Content app you start at the Marketplace listing here
  2. Once you have the app your administrator needs to share it to a group in your ArcGIS Online account

Using the App

  1. Go to the group you or your administrator has shared the app to, click on the app and sign in with your ArcGIS Online credentials.
  2. All of the free services will be listed and you can use the filters to see either just the free maps or the free locators.
  3. To add the content select Add Locators and/or Add Maps
  4. If you have access to Premium Services, click on the Premium Services tab. You will then be prompted for your Esri UK Premium Services account details. The services you have access to will be displayed along with the option to add these to your ArcGIS Online organisation.

How do I share the services so others in my organisation can use them?

You can share the services with members of your organisation by adding the users you want to have access to the groups created or sharing the groups with your organisation - UK Basemaps, UK Locators and Esri UK Online Maps (Premium Services).

If you are using the free data you may wish to share the data with your entire organisation or make it public.  You do this using the standard sharing tools within ArcGIS Online.

If you are using the premium data please refer to our security guidelines before sharing the data outside of your organisation.

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