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What's New

What's new in 4.1

  • Adding option to overwrite or append to existing data to some datasets 
  • OS Highways enhancements: 
    • Added ability to use OS Speed Limit data 
    • Added the ability to use urban or rural speeds 
    • Added ability to use own network schema file 
    • Can now assign prefix to feature featureclasses and tables 
  • Fixes for: 
    • Issues with database connections using operating system authentication 
    • Issues with loading Highways data into older Oracle Geodatabases 
    • Additional information added to log files to assist in debugging issues

What's new in 4.0

  • Added support for loading of OS VectorMap Local data from Geopackage
  • Updated python components to support ArcGIS Pro 2.3

What’s new in 3.1

  • Performance enhancements for COU
  • Style information added to OSMM Topography AnnoPoint featureclass
  • Fixes for:
    • Issues with MasterMap COU loses features at tile boundaries
    • Connection issues with Oracle databases

What’s new in 3.0

  • Added support for loading of OS VectorMap Local data from Geopackage

What's new in 2.0

  • Added support for loading of OS MasterMap Topography Layer
  • Added support for Change Only Updates for OS MasterMap Topography Layer

What’s new in 1.0

  • Added support for OS MasterMap Highways Network data, enabling you to load the data and to create a routable network using it.


The toolbox is downloaded from ArcGIS Online as a password protected zip file. A password will be issued to you when the licence is granted.

Product Support

System Requirements

  • ArcGIS Pro v2.2 or above
  • Data Interoperability Extension for ArcGIS pro
  • Additional requirements for processing OS MasterMap Highways
    • ArcGIS Network Analyst Extension (If you wish to build a Network Dataset from the data)
    • Internet connection to pick up latest OS Schema files
  • Hardware Requirements are as per ArcGIS Pro v2.2 and above

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