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GIS Showcase

GIS maps do more than display and analyse data - they also tell powerful stories. All the examples featured in this gallery manage to inspire, distinguish, promote, intrigue or elevate their subject matter.    


By Scottish National Heritage

Key achievements and projects spanning the last 25 years. Follow the diverse journey through this stunning Story Map. Projects include peatland restoration, Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity work as well as the establishment of a visitor centre on Isle of May National Nature Reserve and managing Scotland's deer herds.

By National Housing Federation UK

How housing services are relieving pressure on the NHS. This Story Map looks at how housing associations are reducing delayed transfers of care and saving money for the NHS.

By Esri

With a range of products and diverse customers, how can we determine the most appropriate product mix for each store?

By Karolina Korzeniowska

The Avalanches in the Swiss Alps can be deadly. This interactive map demonstrates the ability of remote sensing to detect the location and probability of avalanche release and the density of where avalanches occur.

By Esri

A consortium of more than 100 nations commissioned this global map of Ecological Marine Units (EMUs) to support the wise use of ocean resources and the preservation of environmental resilience.

By Esri

See how ArcGIS supports Insurers to understand perils risk and accumulation risk.

By Esri

They may lie dormant for centuries and then, overnight, spew cubic miles of molten rock and ash, threatening millions of people who live in their shadows. Take an interactive tour of the world's deadliest and most active volcanoes.

By Esri

Many of America’s 14,000 dams are outdated. This is the story of the Elwha River, one of the first, largest and most successful cases of dam removal in the United States.  

By Esri

View this story map to discover how ArcGIS is benefiting the housing industry - as a platform for social housing, property management, maintenance, development and much more.

By Esri

Half a million people commute to Washington, D.C. every day. As rising home values push people farther afield, commuters shoulder the burden of an ailing public transit system.

By Esri

As the number of homeless in Anchorage grew, the Mayor’s staff used GIS to keep track of camps and interactions with neighbouring businesses and neighbourhoods in an efficient and timely manner.

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