London, 13th March 2018


Ryan Bank

Disaster Response Technology Consultant
Ryan Bank is an Emerging Technology Expert and Innovation Evangelist who enables governments and corporate clients to gather Social and Open Source Intelligence. Besides advising governments and corporations on the use of Emerging Technology, he is also a featured speaker both nationally and internationally on the organizational value of Innovation. He also teaches at Northwestern University, examining the intersection of technology and global development.
Ryan also developed a system — deployed by the US Coast Guard — that used social media monitoring to find survivors after the 2010 Haiti earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Based on an extensive set of tools — including the remarkable work of several NGOs and Private Volunteer Organizations — he was able to monitor hundreds of thousands of messages coming from Haiti, looking for those that needed immediate rescue. Ultimately, this intelligence would be passed to commanders in the field and rescue teams were launched to the location.
Currently acting as a consulting partner with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) on developing the Geospatial Intelligence Center (GIC), that will be used to benefit their member insurance companies and, at the same time, support U.S. Government and non-governmental entities, in the form of disaster response capabilities and the application of emerging technology by providing a unique view of catastrophic incidents, both natural and manmade.

Chip Cunliffe

Director, Sustainable Development, XL Catlin
Chip manages XL Catlin’s Ocean Risk Initiative which works to promote both research and understanding of the implications of ocean change on the future risk landscape.
He is leading the development of the first Ocean Risk Summit which will take place in Bermuda this May, bringing together leaders from across the political, economic, environmental and risk sectors to identify short and long-term exposures to ocean-driven hazards and consider how to use new approaches, tools and technologies to find solutions that will build resilience at local and global levels.
Chip helped to establish and manage the Catlin Arctic Survey (2009-2011), and subsequently the XL Catlin Seaview and Deep Ocean Surveys (2012-2016). In 2012 he launched XL Catlin’s Oceans Education programme, designed to increase ocean literacy to students around the world. So far over 3.5 million children from 96 countries have taken part, with a target to reach 10 million by 2020.

Nigel Davis

Technology Director for the Analytics Solutions, Willis Towers Watson
Nigel is the Technology Director for the Analytics Solutions team within the Corporate Risk and Broking segment of Willis Towers Watson. The team delivers all aspects of Analytics with a strong historical focus on customer risk solutions. With a Master’s Degree in GIS, Nigel has worked at Willis Towers Watson for 18 years as his second job. He started at Willis Towers Watson building natural catastrophe risk models for Willis Re using ESRI GIS software. During his Willis Towers Watson career Nigel established the catastrophe modelling data centres, and worked with colleagues to create an in-house Analytics software team which has remained in various forms for the last 15 years and has grown from 15 to over 100 people in size. Nigel led this team under two previous CIOs as a company-wide capability before now moving in to the Corporate Risk and Broking segment and a specialist team. Spatial Analytics has featured heavily within this team from inception to the present day and whilst technology has changed, the capability remains as pivotal now as it did 18 years ago.

Peter Hausmann

Peter Hausmann
Director, Head Property & Engineering Solutions, Swiss Re
Peter Hausmann is heading Property & Engineering Solutions since 2017 where he is responsible for Swiss Re's CatNet Services, PUMA and other client services. Before, he led the Cat Perils Europe Hub for seven years. He is as well a member of the Board of PERILS AG since 2009.
Peter graduated 1986 in Rural Engineering and Geodesy from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich and started his career as consulting engineer in groundwater modelling and GIS/CAD. In 1990 he joined Swiss Re in Zurich.

Sudha Maheshwari, Ph.D

Director, Product Management, AIR Worldwide
Dr. Sudha Maheshwari has over 17 years of professional GIS experience managing geospatial technologies in the world of disaster management, insurance, telecommunications, natural resources and government. Over the last three years, Sudha has championed geospatial advancements at AIR products, a leading CAT modeling firm in Boston that is used widely by insurers, brokers, and reinsurers.
Under her leadership, AIR launched a completely rehauled Geospatial module in Touchstone™.
In the past, she has staffed Emergency Operation Centers, managed FEMA's map modernization project for a large local government, and done door-to-door post-disaster damage assessment. She was a Vice President at the Sanborn Map Company, the oldest mapping and GIS company in the US. Sudha did her Ph.D. in Urban Planning with a focus on disaster damage assessment models.
In her spare time she travels, listens to music and often teaches graduate and undergraduate GIS classes to prepare the next generation of geospatial talent.

Alexander Martonik

Industry Marketing Consultant, Esri
Alexander Martonik is Esri’s Commercial Industry Specialist for banking and insurance, managing strategic initiatives in risk management and business continuity. Since 2015, Alexander has worked alongside Esri’s users from both governmental and commercial organizations. Alexander graduated with distinction from California State University San Bernardino’s post-bachelorette program in national cyber security studies, with dual certificates in GIS and intelligence methodology.

Ian Millinship

Senior Catastrophe Risk Analyst, JBA Risk Management
Ian is a Senior Catastrophe Risk Analyst at JBA Risk Management and leads JBA’s catastrophe model development team. Ian is responsible for designing and implementing deterministic and probabilistic natural hazard models for insurers and reinsurers. These models provide the capacity to quantify the potential losses from catastrophic events. Prior model development has focused on fluvial and pluvial flood, wind and tropical cyclones across the UK, Europe and Asia. Ian is a Chartered Geographer (GIS) and has an MSc in GIS for Catchment Dynamics and Management from the University of Leeds.

Alan Milroy

Head of Geospatial Underwriting, XL Catlin
Alan Milroy has 25 years’ experience as a Global Property Underwriter in London and other International Markets. More recently he became The Catastrophe Underwriter for XL Catlin’s International Property division bringing greater insight to Local Underwriters on both Modelled and non modelled risk.
In the last three years he has applied that knowledge to Lead XL Catlin’s Geospatial innovation which is now delivering GIS applications across XL Catlin’s insurance operation’s.

Kai Ole Rogge

Sales Director, TerraLoupe
Over the past 12 years Kai has worked with hundreds of organizations to implement both GIS technology and data to improve their operations and decision-making through Location Intelligence. As a geographer he started his career as Solution Engineer at a German Esri Partner, moving into Sales & Consulting helping clients to get the most out of their GIS and data investments. Kai gained extensive knowledge on Big Data and Digital Marketing at Acxiom, a global provider of Audience Data and Enterprise Data Management Platforms. He also worked for Nexiga, one of the leading European providers of Geomarketing and demographics and built up a Partner Network in 37 markets worldwide. At TerraLoupe he oversees the Sales and Business Development team and maintains relations with global players like Munich RE, NICB, HERE and BMW as well as all investor relations.

Nathalie Orlhac

GIS Project Leader, CCR
Nathalie Orlhac holds a Master of Science Engineering Degree in GIS and Remote Sensing from the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” in France.
She started her career at SAFER (Société d’Aménagement Foncier et d’Etablissement Rural) a rural planning agency in France with the mission of setting up a Spatially Referenced Information System.
She worked in the United States for 7 years at the MRPC (Montachusett Regional Planning Commission) a regional planning agency in charge of 22 municipalities in the state of Massachusetts. She was in charge of the GIS components for a wide variety of projects.
In 2009 she joined CCR (Caisse Centrale de Réassurance) in the Technical Studies - Public Reinsurance department. She is in charge of “Ceres”, website dedicated to CCR's clients and partners. Ceres integrates powerful tools for portfolio exposure analyses and displays the results of Natural Catastrophe internal modeling. More recently, one of her missions is to democratize the use of cartography within CCR group to make GIS easy for all.

Sharon Palmer

Sharon Palmer
Head of Analytics Centre of Excellence, Willis Towers Watson
Sharon Palmer is a Divisional Director at Willis Towers Watson’s leading the Analytics Centre of Excellence, which incorporates geo-intelligence, business intelligence and data science. Sharon spent her early career specialising in geospatial and analytical solutions for both the government and infrastructure sector but since 2006 has focused upon the insurance industry from both an underwriting and broking perspective - developing solutions, integrating both analytics and modelling. As Head of Spatial Analytics at Willis Towers Watson Sharon has utilised the power of location and analytics to enrich, model and collaborate across the wider group to deliver solutions for clients underpinned by an enterprise geospatial and analytics architecture maintained by the Analytics Centre of Excellence. Key themes encountered by the team include analysing exposure aggregation, modelling natural /man-made catastrophes and risk assessment.

Matthew Perry

Matt Perry
Global Manager, Financial Services, Esri
As the Global Industry lead for Financial Services for Esri, Mr. Perry is responsible for working with major Insurance Companies, and Financial Institutions to envision a location strategy and deploy an associated location platform(s) within their business. He has been with Esri for 15 years, and previously led the implementation of Enterprise GIS system within the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Nicolas Schwank

Nicolas Schwank
Co-Founder, CONIAS Risk Intelligence
Nicolas Schwank is an expert for analyzing and assessing political risks. He specialized in development dynamics of political conflicts and shifts in internal and external security threats.
As part of his dissertation at the University of Heidelberg, Nicolas Schwank, in cooperation with the geographical institute, developed CONIAS’ analytical approach and created an exceptional database consisting of more than a thousand violent and non-violent political conflicts since 1945.
His company, CONIAS Risk Intelligence, offers its customers unparalleled data on political conflicts worldwide, geared towards a prompt and reliable evaluation of political country risks.

Andreas Siebert

Head Geospatial Solutions, Munich Reinsurance Company
After 7 years in the geo-consulting industry Andreas starts at Munich Reinsurance in 1995. His main focus has been the development of solutions and services to assist underwriters to manage their exposure to natural and man-made catastrophes by combining insurance information with (geo)scientific analysed with GIS-technology.
Since 2004 he is heading the Geospatial Solutions Team at Munich Re leveraging geospatial analytics in the insurance value chain. Today the focus is on the linkage between business data and location intelligence. Based on new IT solutions (e.g. Hadoop, SAP Hana, ArcGIS Portal) many innovations are aligned to geospatial analytics and data management, leveraging Spatial Big Data and other analytics initiatives in the insurance community.
In numerous lectures and articles in the geoscience and insurance community he is stressing the benefit of geospatial and mapping solutions in a holistic risk management.

Christine Werner

Senior Consultant for Geomarketing, GfK
Christine Werner works closely with leading reinsurance companies to ensure that GfK’s worldwide boundary data and CRESTA zones meet the needs and challenges currently faced by the industry.

Kees van Loo

Managing Director, Geocom
A graduate of Amsterdam University, Kees van Loo has worked in GIS for over 20 years. He was responsible for the “Gis in Telecom” business for Esri Nederland in Rotterdam and for Esri Inc. in Redlands, California. He then worked 4 years as “Director of Utilities, Telecom and Transportation” for Esri Inc., before joining Esri Germany in Munich and take on the position of Business Development Manager. Since it was founded in 2010, Van Loo is Managing-Director of Geocom Informatik GmbH. A strong proponent of the use of spatial information in the private sectors, Geocom focuses on Industrial Corporations, Insurers and Utilities. Solutions include Industrial Plant Management, Supply Chain Risk Management and Optimization, and last mile logistics.