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Real Estate

Make the most of location

We’ve all heard the mantra: location, location, location. But the most successful real estate companies understand that real value comes from not only location but also insight and timing. You already know where your properties are located and what’s happening around them, but are you making the most of that knowledge? Use insight about location to understand what factors really lead to successful developments by using the Esri platform. Esri solutions give you insight into portfolio performance across global, national, and local markets. You can see where data is and how everything connects.

CBRE get on-demand CRE information through the Esri Platform

Case Study: Jones Lang LaSalle

"We’ve gone from a siloed company to a truly connected company on a global scale"

Case Study - Jones Lang LaSalle
Five Maps to change your view of real estate

Maps for Real Estate These five maps will change the way you think about real estate.

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