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20th June 2017
etc. venues Maple House, Birmingham
About the Utilities Forum

The Utilities Forum is an exclusive event for UK Energy, Communications & Infrastructure professionals which took place on 20th June 2017.

The theme of the event was The Utility of the Future; exploring Operational Intelligence, data integrity and self-service in the cloud, through Esri presentations and industry examples showcasing best practice.

The presentations from Esri staff and our customers are available to view on this page.

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Esri Network Management, Short and Long Term

Tom Brown,
Esri Inc

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Content, Enriching your Analytics

James Harvey, Esri UK
Steve Winter, Bluesky

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Change Detection with LiDAR Survey Data

Stephen Brooks,
Network Rail

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We all Know What we’re Doing – Clearing the FOG and Bridging Gaps

Lawrence Smith,
Thames Water

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Collector for Valve Surveys

Julian Yaxley,

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How knowing WHERE enhances performance, efficiency and customer experience

Discover how leading edge organisations are now implementing Operational Intelligence solutions that put location-based thinking at the heart of their business operations.

Electricity: How Location Information is Improving Stakeholder Engagement

Until a few years ago, the UK electricity industry was operating on 100 year-old principles. But now a collision of multiple, fundamental forces is overturning the old ways of running an electricity business.

The Internet of Things - Why Location Matters

The ‘Internet of Things; Why Location Matters’ ebook is the essential guide for telecommunications businesses to understand how to leverage the location information that will be the key to realising potential revenue streams from the IoT.

NJ Utility on Forefront with New Mixed Reality Application

A midsize utility in New Jersey has made the leap to adopt a cutting-edge mixed reality (MR) holographic application while blazing a path for other industries and businesses to follow.

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