Map a climate change strategy.

The climate crisis is unfolding. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced that the climate crisis is accelerating. If nations could cap warming at 2° C, sea level rise would still impact 130 million people. Esri shows where climate change is happening and to what degree it is causing problems. Climate change measurements and forecasts are essential information for identifying trends and impacts, resource allocation, and policy making.



Maps make scientific findings about climate change easier for skeptics to understand and accept.


Model risk indicators for water stress, drought, and clean drinking water. Tailor maps to specific concerns.


Show climate change scenarios and mitigation strategies.


ArcGIS for Desktop

By mapping measurements of carbon emissions and sequestration, you can set realistic objectives and create doable timelines for change. ArcGIS does the heavy lifting for climate mitigation analysis so that you can explore low-carbon energy options, sites, and costs.

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ArcGIS Online

A portal to geographic datasets from around the world, ArcGIS Online opens a gateway to authoritative content contributed by scientific agencies. Publish geographic analyses and participate in community mapping programs such as the Living Atlas of the World. Make a story map about your findings.

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ArcGIS Pro

Forecast where, as well as how high, with ArcGIS Pro. Its 3D functionality can show you how levels of flooding, storm surge, and sea level rise would inundate a city. Organize your work such as stream level rise, infrastructure impact, and erosion projections into projects. Get the resources you need in one place.

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