GeoServices REST Specification

The GeoServices REST Specification provides a way for Web clients to communicate with geographic information system (GIS) servers through Representational State Transfer (REST) technology.

The specification is

  • A proven and easy to understand method for a broad range of clients and applications to request map, feature, attribute, and image information from a GIS server.
  • A JSON-based, REST-ful specification that will make the GIS server instantly usable by thousands of developers working in popular client-side development environments with the ArcGIS Web mapping APIs for JavaScript™, Flex™, Silverlight®, iOS®, and Android™.

Use of the GeoServices REST Specification is subject to the current Open Web Foundation Agreement. The Open Web Foundation (OWF) is an independent non-profit dedicated to the development and protection of open, non-proprietary specifications for web technologies. Terms and conditions of the OWF Agreement are subject to change without notice.

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