Dealing with Data Dimensions

Independent Quocirca report shows how  leveraging location information is the key to actionable strategic insight

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Dealing with Data Dimensions

An important new independent report from Quocirca looks at the hidden dimensions in your data and how to leverage the potential to drive new strategic insights. 

Uncovering new dimensions in data - especially making full use of time and place - is critical to taking your analytics to a new level that complements and extends your traditional BI. Using location allows otherwise disparate datasets to be layered and related and incorporating external data including open data and proprietary real time data from the cloud provides additional context, enrichment and new levels of insight.

The Quocirca paper concludes that...

"Applying spatial analysis to data sets brings additional value to data analysis, and provides organisations with valuable insights in how to optimise their overall processes to gain competitive advantage in their markets."

"A flexible presentation system is required – one that allows for drill down through the various layers of data used; one that allows individuals to add their own data to the mix to add further value."

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