Indulge your #selfie this Christmas

Put your brand at the top of everyone's wish list.

Add a little sparkle to your selfie campaign

Create the ultimate selfie campaign this Christmas that gets customers engaged and sharing their stories about your brand. Whether they are fighting for fame or a lifetime supply of your products, be sure to make the reasons to join in the fun clear and compelling.

Make the most of this opportunity to engage your customer by embedding an interactive selfie map on to your landing page. Keep the festivities alive as people explore your map, increasing dwell time. By creating a new window of opportunity to display your Christmas adverts, selfie maps significantly raise your potential to convert.

Selfie maps also show you where your fans are and how viral your campaign has become. Explore this selfie map from last Christmas:

Work with our map making gurus to get the ultimate selfie map in time for Christmas. Fill in the form below or use our online chat for more details.