BETT finalist Esri UK showcases GIS software

ArcGIS Online – helping pupils and teachers understand the world around them

Esri UK : Stand No C300


Aylesbury, January 18th 2016:  Esri UK, the UK’s leading distributor of GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to schools and the Higher Education community, will be showcasing  its ArcGIS Online software, shortlisted in the Free Digital Content/Open Educational Resources (content suite) awards category at this year’s BETT.

ArcGIS Online helps pupils to enhance their learning experience while increasing their future employable skillsets.  A mapping, data analysis platform, ArcGIS Online has wide ranging applications across the curriculum and key stages.  It is the largest repository of maps and geographic information in the world (including content from NASA and the National Trust) providing teachers and pupils with information, ideas and inspiration for the learning process.  Simple to use, it is accessed from a browser, requires no install or login to use and can be used on Windows, Android or Mac devices. 

With GIS now part of the geography curriculum from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5, teachers can teach from the front of the class with ArcGIS Online projected onto a white board or they can use it in a PC lab with a whole class.  Pupils can easily access the application from home so ArcGIS Online can also be used for homework assignments.

Esri UK will also be announcing the first self-service Schools Admissions Mapping system that allows a school admissions team to manage and map their own pupil admissions. This is a cloud based application developed in partnership with the Ordnance Survey.

To find out more, Jason Sawle, Esri UK’s Education Consultant, will be speaking at the Microsoft Partner Village Theatre about apps, maps and analysis, and how modern GIS can improve schools’ curriculum and management: 

Wednesday 20th January:               11.45hrs

Thursday 21st January:                    12.35hrs

Friday 22nd January:                        13.00hrs

Saturday 23rd January:                    11.45hrs


A Microsoft Sway explaining ArcGIS Online for Schools -

The ArcGIS Online mapping web site -

GIS Facts & Figures! 

  • More than 150 schools and 140 universities in the UK have an ArcGIS Online subscription, with many others using Esri UK’s freely accessible GIS tools.
  • Esri UK has a trainee teacher programme whereby schools that are training teachers, can apply for a free ArcGIS Online subscription. 
  • GIS Day in November 2015 featured the Ash Cloud Apocalypse event, in which over 10,000 students from around the world took part.
    • ArcGIS Online helps pupil harness the power of Geography for their future careers.  In June 2015, 37,195 pupils sat ‘A’ level Geography in England, up 12.7% on 2014.  228,075 pupils sat GCSE Geography (up 1.3% on 2014).
    • ArcGIS Online can be used across the curriculum to enhance STEM and other teaching including History and English.
    • Teaching of GIS is stipulated in the English curriculum from Key Stage 2 (primary) to Key Stage 5 (‘A’ level).

Pupils can create their own apps with ArcGIS Online and use Esri’s free MOOC’s to learn new skills.  

For further information at BETT please contact Jason Sawle on