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Real-Time Data Fuels Smarter City

Managing daily operations and providing effective services in a city as massive, complex, and vibrant as Los Angeles is no easy task. When he took office, Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged to use data and technology to drive decisions about everything from jobs to transportation while delivering transparency, efficiency, and community engagement. But with more than 40 departments running on an array of disconnected technology platforms, the city struggled to fully tap into its collective expertise and knowledge.

GeoHub will help us reinvent the way that we deliver services and broaden our ability to engage residents and businesses to improve the quality of life in their city.

Eric Garcetti
Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Enter Los Angeles' GeoHub—a modern blueprint for how government should operate. Built on a location-enabled infrastructure, GeoHub weaves together more than 500 datasets—and growing—into a centralised business intelligence system. The hub allows staff, the public, and outside agencies to access, visualise, and analyse real-time data. City departments, the county, state, and federal government contribute data, with plans for nonprofits and universities to join. GeoHub points to the latest data wherever it is stored, giving all users access to the most current, authoritative information.

Just three months after launching the hub, Los Angeles unlocked insights into public safety, infrastructure, and quality of life. With GeoHub, the city is finding better ways to collaborate and deliver services while Angelenos have a smarter, more connected view of their city.

Traffic cone during LA road construction

Miles of road paved by the city in a single year with a 2,200-mile budget

Resident of Los Angeles

People and counting in the Greater Los Angeles area

Rocket symbolizing growing startup businesses in Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based startups generating more than $3 billion in yearly capital

Coordinated Construction

Liveable + Safe

Navigating the labyrinth that is Los Angeles takes more than a Thomas Guide. In an effort to enhance livability by easing traffic, the city pooled its open data via GeoHub to create Street Wize, an interactive web-based application that maps street construction and permit activities.

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A Hub of Innovation

The Solution

In the era of smart cities, it can be difficult for governments to invest in the digital infrastructure necessary to make change happen. For the City of Los Angeles, creating an interoperable business intelligence system was no exception. But through this challenge came innovation.

Working in partnership with Esri, Los Angeles built GeoHub using a familiar technology that the city already owned—ArcGIS. The platform known for making maps now acts as a needle and thread, bridging the gap between the city’s departments and serving up a seamless tool for staff to collaborate and share data, internally and externally. Citizens, businesses, and outside government agencies reap the benefits of enhanced government transparency and the city’s smarter operations.

Los Angeles GeoHub 

GeoHub transforms how government and the public visualise, explore, and make use of location-based open data.

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Esri’s Hub Approach Guides Innovative Intelligence

With the right process, people, and technology, any community can become safer. From the smallest towns to entire nations, Web GIS helps organisations share information to drive initiatives and improve safety. Connect with Esri for a wealth of resources that elevate the essential characteristics of progressive, smart communities.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

Executives drive enterprise endorsement and remove outdated policies that impede progress.


Stakeholders source reliable data to develop ideas, intelligently assess, and accomplish goals.

Collaboration Across Departments

People connect to information via web apps and data portals to work together and drive solutions.


Impartial and forthright data helps governments gain the necessary trust to build consensus in its priorities.


Monitor live events as they occur to afford managers the insight to react swiftly and intelligently.

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