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Open Data and Apps Deliver Value for Residents

Pinellas County encompasses 24 cities and towns in the state of Florida. With nearly half of its 950,000 citizens living in unincorporated areas, Pinellas represents a unique demographic as the most densely populated county in the state and the 6th most populous county in the US. To serve such a complex and diverse region, Pinellas turned to technological initiatives and innovations to deliver smarter, faster, sustainable services that meet the needs of county staff, municipalities, and the public.

Esri has been instrumental in helping us architect a robust, sustainable, and scalable enterprise GIS for Pinellas County's employees and citizens.

Martin Rose
Chief Innovation Officer, Pinellas County

The county focused its efforts on transforming its fragmented data and mapping system into a hub of ready-to use insights, apps, and maps that support the enterprise's strategic plan. With limited resources, the county assembled the Pinellas County Enterprise GIS Steering Committee to prioritise where and how to fund projects that ultimately deliver better services and cost savings to the public.

Now, departments and municipalities access the real-time data, analytics, and read-to-use engagement tools they need to drive efficiency and innovation. In one example, the county's use of GIS led to a better community rating from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that's expected to save residents more than $5 million annually in flood insurance premiums.

Municipality that is collaborating with the Pinellas County

Municipalities collaborating with Pinellas County on smart communities initiatives

Open data layers

Open data layers that help municipalities create apps without coding

Self-service web map app

Over 50 internal/external facing applications that provide decision support within the county

Data Sharing and Collaboration

Liveable + Well-Run

The county's hub helps municipalities get new web maps and apps up and running fast. In just weeks, Pinellas stood up an open data portal and made 126 data layers publicly available to all 24 municipalities—from flood zone information to aerial imagery. The county collaborates with cities and towns to create internal, configurable apps that drive operational efficiency, such as a mobile data collection app for gathering critical data after storms.

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Two women view the Pinellas County open data portal Street signs for Ocean Drive and 8th Street inventoried using the ArcGIS Sign Inventory solution Pinellas County community highly susceptible to flooding due to location near water

Prioritising Action to Community Needs

The Solution

Pinellas' success in transforming its 274-square-mile territory into a connected, smarter community started with a governance structure that paved the way for innovation. Forming the county's Enterprise GIS Steering Committee was a critical step in building an information mapping hub that addressed the county's needs from an enterprise perspective. The county took advantage of Esri's commercial-off-the-shelf technology to easily integrate with other enterprise systems and enable access to data by anyone, on any device. Pinellas' hub operates on a scalable data architecture, making it easy to deploy apps and maps without writing a single line of code.

A Greener County

The Recycle Finder web app helps citizens locate recycling facilities and get info about recycling options in their community.

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Esri’s Hub Approach Guides Innovative Intelligence

With the right process, people, and technology, any community can become safer. From the smallest towns to entire nations, Web GIS helps organisations share information to drive initiatives and improve safety. Connect with Esri for a wealth of resources that elevate the essential characteristics of progressive, smart communities.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

Executives drive enterprise endorsement and remove outdated policies that impede progress.


Stakeholders source reliable data to develop ideas, intelligently assess, and accomplish goals.

Collaboration Across Departments

People connect to information via web apps and data portals to work together and drive solutions.


Impartial and forthright data helps governments gain the necessary trust to build consensus in its priorities.


Monitor live events as they occur to afford managers the insight to react swiftly and intelligently.

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