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Communities prosper when they use authoritative data to identify market trends that attract investments. Whether appealing to potential residents or businesses, economic development planners help communities grow by emphasising the importance of location. In a competitive environment where neighboring cities vie to secure capital improvement funding, tourism, and much-needed revenue, planners must demonstrate the potential value of new development sites and commercial properties. To do so, they show community, government, and local commerce data on web maps that lend insight into the lifestyle and demographic characteristics of their citizens. To better prepare a community for prosperity, connect entrepreneurs to information so they may reveal investment opportunities.

Prosperous Community Organizations

A Geographic Approach to Smart Economic Development

It Starts with ArcGIS

The geographic approach is a way of problem solving that integrates geographic information into how you understand and manage your economic development efforts. This approach opens information to more people and helps reveal relevant issues that promote prosperity.

and Tourism

Branding and Tourism

Can you show why your community is the place to be?

ArcGIS helps you paint an inviting picture of your community. Employ beautiful, interactive maps that lead people on virtual walks through your business districts, parks, and other meaningful attractions. Gather photos, videos, and stories from throughout the community to include in compelling marketing content that encourages people to return year after year.

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Attract Businesses and Industries

Are you in a never-ending race to entice new business?

Promoting a community’s unique locations to prospective businesses and industries is simplified by ArcGIS. Clearly convey opportunities for revenue by using demographics, workforce potential, and local buying characteristic that inform prospective investors of the economic landscape. Provide business leaders with simple tools for evaluating properties and making data-driven decisions. Authoritative maps, apps, and analyses attract the attention of prospects while also supplying the intelligence existing businesses need to grow.

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Capital Investment

Do you have the tools to raise capital for critical projects?

ArcGIS helps evaluate planning scenarios to determine the best, most financially sound investments for your community. Users can create clear pictures of redevelopment options, determine future and present investment needs, and find new, creative ways that will stimulate your local economy. ArcGIS helps governments better accomplish multiyear capital improvement planning and promote the success of existing capital assets. Communities that demonstrate the value of their land stimulate new development, increased tax revenues, and job creation.

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Economic Development Planners Use ArcGIS for Creating Smart, Prosperous Communities

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Gaining a deeper insight into communities

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City of Westminster

Maximising value for money with a new approach to waste services procurement

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Wiltshire Council

Pursuing savings, service improvements and efficiencies

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Esri’s Hub Approach Guides Innovative Intelligence

With the right process, people, and technology, any community can prosper. From the smallest towns to entire nations, information hubs help organisations achieve initiatives. Connect with Esri for a wealth of resources that elevate the essential characteristics of progressive, smart communities.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

Executives drive enterprise endorsement and remove outdated policies that impede progress.


Stakeholders source reliable data to develop ideas, intelligently assess, and accomplish goals.

Collaboration Across Departments

People connect to information via web apps and data portals to work together and drive solutions.


Impartial and forthright data helps governments gain the necessary trust to build consensus in its priorities.


Monitor live events as they occur to afford managers the insight to react swiftly and intelligently.

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