Sustainability by Geodesign

To the benefit of sustainability, GIS connects citizens to their government so they may work together to fight deforestation, uphold community health, and preserve living standards. Planners and urban designers use this technology to balance competing interests, fuse data from a variety of sources, and communicate their intentions to multiple audiences. By incorporating geodesign into planning, communities are better positioned to provide citizens a sustainable future that won’t compromise the land, water, or air quality they hold dear.

Sustainable Community Organizations

A Geographic Approach to Smart Planning

It Starts with ArcGIS

The geographic approach is a way of problem solving that integrates geographic information into how you understand and manage sustainable efforts. It opens information to more people, which reveals unforeseen concerns and opportunities for community sustainability.


Comprehensive Planning

Are you able to guide the long-term future of your community?

GIS gives you the ability to measure progress and report on the state of your community. Whether considering present solutions or acceptable benchmarks, communities that illustrate their problems can identify where challenges are concentrated. Comprehensive planners use Esri's ArcGIS to construct alternatives using data in the form of real-time information, statistically valid maps, and geographically-based reports.

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Environmental Planning

How do you minimise the negative impacts of development on your community's environment?

Esri technology allows governments to measure and visualise the integration of green and gray infrastructure. Given the ability to pinpoint the source of negative impacts, such as pollution, and show where people are affected, environmental planners can identify who exactly is affected and develop plans to mitigate the problem. ArcGIS simplifies complex inputs and variables from any data source into clear, focused insight. This intelligence underpins projects that improve water and air quality and protect the natural environment that is so vital to your community's well-being.

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Transportation Planning

Where can you improve the movement of people and goods?

ArcGIS provides tools to integrate, evaluate, and distribute disparate and complicated transportation data in an easy-to-understand way—through maps. Sustainable governments make plans with the many different modes of transportation a community uses in mind. To provide the public with alternatives, GIS can measure the movement of people and vehicles to demonstrate when and where modes of transit are used most heavily. It can even be used to plan for the safest access points and transitions between cars, buses, bicycles, walkways, and trains.

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Urban Design

What can you do to design and preserve the character of your community?

Integrating GIS provides organisations with the frameworks for developing and creating urban design scenarios within a geographic context. Esri actively pioneers geodesign, providing solutions for a more efficient, sustainable, and holistic approach to planning. This method allows users to link mapped geographic entities to scientific information, relevant social values, and a wide range of interdisciplinary data. Incorporating ArcGIS strengthens and streamlines projects. It provides communities with more informed design considerations and a smart framework to build sustainably from the ground up.

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Planners and Urban Designers Use ArcGIS for Smart, Sustainable Communities

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Esri’s Hub Approach Guides Innovative Intelligence

With the right process, people, and technology, any community can become more sustainable. From the smallest towns to entire nations, information hubs help organisations achieve initiatives. Connect with Esri for a wealth of resources that elevate the essential characteristics of progressive, smart communities.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

Executives drive enterprise endorsement and remove outdated policies that impede progress.


Stakeholders source reliable data to develop ideas, intelligently assess, and accomplish goals.

Collaboration Across Departments

People connect to information via web apps and data portals to work together and drive solutions.


Impartial and forthright data helps governments gain the necessary trust to build consensus in its priorities.


Monitor live events as they occur to afford managers the insight to react swiftly and intelligently.

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