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ArcGIS Spatial Analyst—Sophisticated Raster Data Analysis within ArcGIS for Desktop

Can I use ArcGIS Spatial Analyst with other ArcGIS extensions?

Yes. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst integrates seamlessly with other ArcGIS extensions. Complex spatial analysis and visualization can be performed with a combination of ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS 3D Analyst, and ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst.

Can I try ArcGIS Spatial Analyst?

You can request a free 60-day trial of ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and other ArcGIS for Desktop extensions. If you're not currently an ArcGIS user, you can request a free evaluation DVD that comes with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.

What kind of data can I use with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst?

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst can do analysis on any raster format supported by ArcGIS as well as any ArcGIS feature theme including ArcInfo coverages. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst also gives you the capability to convert feature classes, such as coverages, shapefiles, geodatabases, CAD files, and Internet data, to raster format for more advanced spatial analysis. ArcToolbox has additional tools that allow conversion of many other data formats into formats that can be used directly by ArcGIS and, therefore, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.

What is the difference between the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and ArcGrid extensions?

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst provides, within the ArcGIS environment, an intuitive, graphical user interface to most of the functionality implemented in ArcGrid. One of the advantages ArcGIS Spatial Analyst offers is how easy it is to display and interactively explore raster data. The commands are accessible from menu choices and interactive dialog boxes to expedite and facilitate the processing and analysis of raster data. The ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension tightly integrates raster and vector data for spatial analysis in ArcGIS.

Customizing ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Can I customize ArcGIS Spatial Analyst?

Yes. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst enables you to create custom tools for spatial modeling and incorporate these tools directly into the ArcGIS interface. Most customization is done with Python for development of custom tools. There is also a fine-grained COM API.

Where can I get more information about the technical issues of ArcGIS Spatial Analyst?

Esri offers technical support for ArcGIS Spatial Analyst by phone or e-mail. Esri also provides self-help resources such as technical notes and discussion forums. For samples, technical documentation, and blogs about Spatial Analyst, please visit the Geoprocessing Resource Center. For the latest ArcGIS documentation, please visit the Esri Support Center.

Are there any custom sample commands, toolbars, and menus available for ArcGIS Spatial Analyst?

Yes. The Geoprocessing Resource Center provides an array of sample tools and scripts for performing a wide variety of spatial analysis tasks. Additional resources are available in the on Geoprocessing Model and Script Tool Gallery.