To use Esri Maps for Office you need an ArcGIS Online paid or trial subscription or a Portal for ArcGIS Named User License and Microsoft Office 2010 or later.

Download the version that matches the bit version of Microsoft Office you have installed, not the version of your operating system (OS). 

If you are not sure, open Excel (or other Office application), click the File tab, and select Help. In the About Microsoft Excel section on the right, the version information states whether the Microsoft Office installation is 32-bit or 64-bit. Once your download is complete, open Excel and click on the Esri Maps button in the ribbon.

Esri Maps for Office is available in 27 languages. The file size for each version is about 145 MB.

English v. 3.1

Arabic v. 3.1

Chinese (Simplified) v. 3.1

Czech v. 3.1

Danish v. 3.1

Dutch v. 3.1

Estonian v. 3.1

Finnish v. 3.1

French v. 3.1

German v. 3.1

Greek v. 3.1

Hebrew v. 3.1

Italian v. 3.1

Japanese v. 3.1

Korean v. 3.1

Latvian v. 3.1

Lithuanian v. 3.1

Norwegian v. 3.1

Polish v. 3.1

Portuguese (Brazil) v. 3.1

Portuguese (Portugal) v. 3.1

Romanian v. 3.1

Russian v. 3.1

Spanish v. 3.1

Swedish v. 3.1

Thai v. 3.1

Turkish v. 3.1

Vietnamese v. 3.1