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EU Referendum Results

The Times used Esri UK’s Map Maker Service to support their coverage of the EU Referendum in June 2016. Our team created a cartogram, using Times fonts and colours, to visualise the referendum results.

Explore the world with Tim Peake

Featuring on every major UK news website, this Story Map presents the photographs taken by British Astronaut Tim Peake, during his six month mission on-board the International Space Station.

Travel like royalty

This interactive map depicts every official overseas visits made by Queen Elizabeth II since ascending the throne in 1953. Using an animation, the Story Map featured on The Telegraph and Mail Online.

Ready or not, Let the Games Begin

Using our new Cascade theme, this story explores Rio’s readiness to host the 2016 Olympics Games. Cascade combines narrative text with maps, images, and multimedia content in an engaging, full-screen scrolling experience.

Mapping trachoma to eliminate blindness

This interactive visualisation explores the Global Trachoma Mapping Project - the largest global mapping of infectious disease ever.

Zika Virus: 1947 to 2016

Developed for The Times, this story follows the spread of the Zika virus since 1947. The maps illustrate the past movements of the virus, while also predicting where it may spread to in the future.

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" creates sticky, engaging and shareable online news. Esri UK’s Map Maker Service has helped us to enliven key stories with interactive maps, providing a more satisfying experience for our audience and boosting readership numbers."

Andy Rudd

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"Story Maps have enabled us to visually communicate complex information, in a meaningful way that can be easily digested across multiple media channels. Esri UK’s maps have helped to drive traffic to our website, increase engagement and improve the overall experience for our readers."

Stuart Henderson

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"Social media is a powerful means of communicating, particularly with younger generations. Esri UK’s Map Maker Service helped us to undertake a creative social media marketing campaign and promote our work successfully to a wide number of people in a very short period of time."

Roger Critchell

Director of Operations