What's New in ArcGIS 10.3

ArcGIS 10.3 puts the entire platform at your disposal through the power of Web GIS:

If you’re a Desktop user, you’ll get ArcGIS Pro and a named user account to ArcGIS Online, which in turn unlocks all the ArcGIS apps.

If you’re a Server user, you’ll now have Portal for ArcGIS, which gives you the capabilities of ArcGIS Online within your own infrastructure, including access to all the ArcGIS apps.

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ArcGIS Pro Reinvents Desktop GIS

Side by side with ArcMap, you can use the new ArcGIS Pro. It's efficient, has an intuitive display, supports multiple layouts, and is a step toward the future of desktop GIS. Best of all, ArcGIS Pro connects tightly with the rest of the ArcGIS platform through web GIS. In other words, you can publish directly from ArcGIS Pro to either ArcGIS for Server or ArcGIS Online.

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ArcGIS for Server Gets a Front End

Portal is included with ArcGIS for Server at 10.3. What does that mean? Plenty! Server now has a configurable frontend that makes it easy to find and use maps, giving it the same Web GIS capabilities as Online. Plus your server can connect to all the ArcGIS apps such as Explorer, Collector, and Operations Dashboard.

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Apps Are Where It's At!

There's a good chance you're reading this text on a smartphone or tablet. To help you put GIS in front of your users in a way that fits with today's workflows and lifestyles, and also integrates with your existing business systems, we are busily adding more apps and enhancing the ones you may already have.

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Create Apps That Work on Any Device with Web AppBuilder

Deliver customized, lightweight GIS throughout your organization. Use Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS to create web apps from scratch without writing a single line of code. You stay in control of which tools are included in your app. Plus you will have the ability to manage, track, and measure how your apps are being used.

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3D—Improve Your Understanding of the World

Esri is making it simple to view and share 3D content with others, helping you author 3D views that communicate complex information, and allowing you to share that message online using web scenes. With ArcGIS Pro, you can also create and view 3D content side-by-side with a connected 2D version in the multi-pane display for immediate editing and quality control.

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Create Open Data with the Click of a Button

If you need to meet requirements to make your data open, Esri's new open data capabilities will make the whole process much faster and easier for you. You will be able to quickly create open data websites to serve your user community.

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Take Your Development to New Places

We are improving how developers work with maps across the ArcGIS platform and helping them push the boundary of code. The evolution of our SDKs, APIs, and other development tools continue to support developers who build apps for today’s modern computing platforms. You can quickly add location to your applications by using the web API or native SDK of your choice, then deploy your app across any device.

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