Discover, Use, Make, and Share Maps from Any Device,
Anywhere, at Any Time.

ArcGIS empowers everyone, from line-of-business managers to executives, with timely, accurate information and
a means of collaboration.

Apps Are the Window into the Platform

Most people experience ArcGIS through its apps.

GIS Professionals

Use the applications that come with ArcGIS for Desktop, as well as ArcGIS templates, to author maps and create new applications focused on specific organizational needs.

Executives, Knowledge Workers, and the General Public

People who are not GIS professionals can do self-service mapping on any device using focused apps and then make decisions based on the most current, accurate information.

A wide range of apps are included with ArcGIS. Additional apps are offered by Esri partners and distributors via ArcGIS Marketplace. Or you can quickly configure your own app using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

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Control Access

With ArcGIS, you control where your location information is stored and who can access it.

Hosted in Esri’s Cloud

ArcGIS Online is helpful to organizations that don’t want to spend the time building a GIS. It’s FISMA compliant, so you can be assured that your data is secure.

Hosted in Your Infrastructure

With ArcGIS for Server, GIS becomes part of your organization’s infrastructure and adheres to all the security policies and regulations of your organization.

“Esri is committed to continually advance the security of its mapping platform and solidify customer trust
through accreditations such as FISMA.”

—Michael Young, Principal Security Architect, Esri

Where Does the Data Come From?

Data can be pulled into ArcGIS in a number of ways.

Create Data with ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Desktop is the premier ArcGIS environment for creating data, apps, and analytical models.

Get Access to a World of Content

Get ready-to-use content and combine it with local data. Use ArcGIS Online on its own to create interactive web maps and apps and share them with anyone. Use ArcGIS Online as a supplement to ArcGIS for Desktop by adding basemaps and datasets (such as demographics) to your projects.

Connect to Your Databases

Use ArcGIS for Server to connect directly with your databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Netezza, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, and others). ArcGIS for Server also includes the geodatabase, the common data storage and management framework for ArcGIS. Learn more about data management in ArcGIS.

Collect Data Using Focused Apps

When data is entered into an ArcGIS app—whether it’s via the web, desktop, or a smartphone or tablet—it becomes part of the platform. Find out about the apps that are part of ArcGIS.

"This is accurate data that helps determine where I need to put my people, at what time of day,
to have the greatest impact and effect."

—Randy Watt, Assistant Chief, Support Services Division, Ogden Police Department

Share Location Information

Make your maps and analyses available to others who need it.

Easy-to-use Apps

Spatial information is primarily shared via apps, but it gets served to those apps using ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server. ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Server web enable your data and tools.

Use ArcGIS with Your Own Business Systems

You can also use ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server to share location information quickly and securely across many business systems using Esri Maps for Office, Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects, Esri Maps for IBM Cognos, Esri Maps for Dynamics CRM, Esri Maps for MicroStrategy, and Esri Maps for SharePoint.

"Broad access to the ArcGIS platform ensures that everyone in our organization is on the same page,
which allows us to do more with less."

—Gregory Gonzalez, Ranch Supervisor and GIS Technologist, Scheid Vineyards

Bring Innovation to Your Organization

Configurable Applications

Save time and implement best practices using free, configurable maps and apps specific to your industry.

Find ArcGIS solutions that support your projects.

Open APIs for Developers

Developers can add maps to their apps with open APIs and an array of content.

Get ArcGIS for Developers.

Open Data and Services

ArcGIS avoids lock in by supporting all the common GIS and IT standards. You maintain data integrity because your data can stay in its native format.

Learn about Esri’s open initiatives.

Capabilities for All Your Needs

The ArcGIS platform includes capabilities for spatial analysis, 3D, handling of big data, and image management.

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