ArcGIS Online

Underpinning Unmanned Warrior

The first Royal Navy exercise planned in the Cloud

Understand how ArcGIS Online enables real-time collaborative planning; near real-time monitoring and post deployment exploitation of a complex, real-world, maritime exercise.

Enabling Unmanned Warrior

Esri UK is the leading provider of GIS to the UK MoD and Armed Forces; ArcGIS Online will be used in the Planning, Monitoring and PED (Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination) of Unmanned Warrior.


ArcGIS Online is being used by the 40 plus participating organisations to view and contribute to the plan, collaboratively, from their own office location and at times of their choosing.


ArcGIS Online and Operations Dashboard will be used to monitor and report on the progress of the exercise, from multiple locations, based on near real-time data feeds.

Post Deployment

ArcGIS will be used for the Storage, Management, Processing and Exploitation of data gathered during the exercise. The results of this data Exploitation will be disseminated in a controlled manner, such that it is available in an appropriate format to an approved audience.